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    Default Multi part question...

    So i'm new.... I have alot to learn. and I'm very looking forward to it too.
    I have my tongue pierced with a 14g titanium barbell, looking to "improve"
    1) how does anodized titanium work in the tongue... barbell-- ball?
    2) I've been wondering about the placement. I'm very scared to lose it due to dental damage, how far should it be from my teeth? I trust my Dentist, but don't want him driving a new car... not too sure about the $60 piercing guy (let's face it I spend more on the goody bag from my Dentist).
    3) My piercer didn't say anything about chewing tobacco, drinking beer, or shots of whiskey. I felt there was this concept of rinse with NaCl H2O and you can fudge a bit. Nothing hurts, is it wrong?
    I'm going wuith the 14 ga, 7/8... industry standard????
    I feel apprehensive, I understand a standard ,but what if it doesn't fit? Like the 10 day resize? will the anodized barbell keep the color? if not will it hurt me?
    If I get my tongue pierced again can I use the anodized Ti?
    Many questions.. I will be 35 yrs old, and feel kind of weird about a tongue piercing. Maybe something I should have done at 20?

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    I can't answer most of your questions, but I have an observation: If The Voices make you doubt the wisdom of exposing a fresh piercing to certain substances, listen to them. They are correct. Your piercer should have told you this. Here's some light reading:

    Oh, and some of us are substantially older than worries, there.
    I'm Dave...PDB (again!)

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    alcohol and tobacco are extremely bad for oral piercings.
    you are right to be concerned about dental damage--after initial healing, get the smallest barbell that will fit your tongue.
    I got my tongue piercing at age 45 (and took it out at 50 after it damaged my teeth)
    the anodization of Ti does tend to fade in warm, moist environments like your mouth
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    Everything that La Nubita said.

    Also the anodization fading on the Ti will not harm you.

    We can't tell placement without a photo. Your piercer should have taken your oral anatomy into account when they pierced you. They should've placed it in a spot where it would cause minimum damage to your surrounding oral structures. The longer bar should be the riskiest thing about the piercing now. Then you should go and have it downsized in a few weeks once the swelling has subsided.

    Those substances you listed can make swelling remain or make it worse among other things, so try to refrain from them while you're healing, if you can.

    There is no "one size fits all" industry standard length. The initial bar should be long enough to accommodate the swelling for a little while and then it needs to be downsized to whatever bar fits your tongue comfortably and snugly. You don't need a long bar in there after the swelling has subsided, or you increase your risks of dental damage.

    If after the downsize you don't feel comfortable with the piercing, you can remove it and get it redone. I really question why your piercer did not discuss most of this with you; they should have.

    The age question has already been answered. I've had mine for almost 7 years and even managed to stretch it over time.

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    Thanks to everybody for the info and help! I went to the shop and all is well, just paranoia. We sort of spoke of breaking the "rules" and how to get past that.
    Thanks Again!


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