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Thread: How to hide new piercing for 7 hours at a time

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    Default How to hide new piercing for 7 hours at a time

    I got my nose pierced about two weeks ago, which was just after I was hired for a new job at a pet lodge. Before I got the piercing, I read through the entire dress code area of the employee manual, which didn't say anything about piercings. Now, I found out it's against dress code rules to have any facial jewelry at all (even the small stud I have in my nose...). I really love this job, but I know that at this stage in healing, if I take he piercing out, it could close up within seconds. I also know right now would be a really risky time to switch to a retainer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of wearing a small, skin colored bandage and just letting my supervisor that that's the best I can do. Will I be able to wear a bandage for 7 hours at a time while sweating, or could that cause infection?


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    Try ask a piercing shop if its better to switch to the clear plastic retainer, IF NOT ask if its okay to cover it with a bandage at work until you can switch the piercing out to a clear retainer.
    Be sure to ask how long it will be until you can change it, if that's the case.

    Also talk to your work place and explain the situation, and that you weren't aware of the facial piercing policy. And that you have talk to your piercer about changing it to a much less visible clear stud, or cover with a bandaid until that time.
    Sorry if its worded a bit confusing, but work places will usually be understanding in these situations as long as you are trying to conceal it the best you can right now, (without causing trouble for the piercings healing time).
    Hope this helps you!!!

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    I would NOT use a band-aid to cover it.. go back to your piercer and ask for a clear retainer if possible. My other concern is why is your employer enforcing rules that are not specifically stated in your handbook? I'd probably take it up with HR, but that's just me.
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