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Thread: Navel piercing advice needed

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    Default Navel piercing advice needed

    Long story short, first week of June I went in to a local piercing shop, good reputation very friendly, based on a friends recommendation. Went it and the piercer couldn't get a straight line even used a ruler, which wasn't sterile. Finally four or five attempts later it looks straight, but she had pierced it rather shallow. I kept bumping it and later on i find it's pretty crooked. So I go back in 5 days later to talk about having it redone. I wait two weeks, and the shop owner does it. It's the perfect depth for me it doesn't slide around and I don't hit it because I f2f doesn't stick out as much. However he pierced it through the SAME crooked hole. I give up. I called my boss to ask to come in that tomorrow so I can go to my regular piercer and ask her opinion if its worth repiercing a dreaded third time and how long I'd have to wait.
    *since the piwrcing isn't in so long it closes up really fast and it heals fast too. No real scars skin slight discoloration but it fades back to normal.
    Any way anyone else have these issues?
    I'll try and link photos.
    <first attempt bottom pic, repierced top pic>
    This is how crooked it is when it heals

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    As trivial as it sounds ask the piercer to mark the new attempt while your standing in a normal relaxed posture if they didn't already. Like a tattoo stencil I imagine body position will effect the way the final result looks on some piercings. Just my thoughts. In any case good luck with the next attempt.

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