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Thread: Nostril piercing help (irritation bump?)

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    Unhappy Nostril piercing help (irritation bump?)


    I got my right nostril pierced early last month, to help myself cheer up after a breakup.

    My piercing recently has a new buddy, a bump! It showed up about 2-3 days ago. I don't approve of the friendship that my nostril piercing has with this bump, they are an awful influence and give my piercing a bad look.

    The jewelry hasn't been changed but I have accidentally pushed it out while picking boogers, my mom got it back in easily, with little discomfort.
    My piercing never is crusty, it hasn't bled either since the day it was pierced. I also do not get discharge.
    I'll admit that I wasn't taking good care of it at first (have been working and too sad to leave my room) but now I am, may as well be honest since I need the help.

    I am doing sea salt soaks and I also am getting sterile saline wound wash. Is there anything else I should be looking into using?
    My friends have recommended using Bactine or Tree Tea Oil but I understand that both of those can be pretty bad for a piercing that isn't healed. That's why I am here asking.

    I want to get rid of that sucker as soon as possible, but in a way that won't give me a major infection, a permanent bump, etc.
    How long can it take for it to go away?
    Any help will really be appreciated, especially since I have no way to see my piercer until Monday.

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    Darn it! Your post was moderated and so wasn't showing up until I approved it today. By now you've probably seen your piercer. What did they have to say?
    John Coffman
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    Tea tree oil applied to just the bump every three or four days should be okay. Do not apply to anywhere else.
    Hope it got better!!!
    Bactine is a no no. I also don't think you need the wound wash, saline soaks should be enough.

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