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Thread: Cannot remove cbr helix piercing

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    Default Cannot remove cbr helix piercing

    I have a cbr on top of my ear, I have manged to remove the ball but the gap is to small to fit over my ear. This was fitted when I had it pierced over 6 months ago and it hasn't healed so I want to replace it for a stud. Ive tried removing and it just pinches my ear and starts to bleed. I've even tried cutting with wire cutters but I was unsuccessful.
    Could I try opening it with some cbr pliers or should I just return to the studio and have them remove it?


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    Omg please return to the studio for help. They can most definitely help you out.
    When I had my helix pierced it took a long time for the piercing to heal. And I've heard from friends some took over a year to fully heal.
    *you can can have the studio change it to a stud, but after that you should really leave it alone so it can heal. Also there are tools to open cbrs wider, (ring opening pliers).
    I hope this helps.

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    You prolly shouldn't try to cut anything out of your ear especially by yourself. Also a cartilage piercings can sometimes take up to 2yrs to completely heal. 6months is the average minimum it takes to heal but everybody is different. I had one that was sore (like it felt like it was a week old) for 3yrs in the helix of my right ear. I finally gave up an took it out so it could heal. I was tired of fighting infection cuz as soon as it was gone 3days later it came back. An it would take me sometimes a month or two to get rid of the infection. (I also have 23 piercings in my ears so the infection will move up or down the line.) But I re-pierced it a year ago an it's perfectly fine now. You also might have been rejecting it. The human body is a very mysterious thing. Had a friend with 40+ piercings that started feeling sick all the time. He took all his piercings out an within a matter of hours felt better.

    But yeah especially since you tried to cut it out you may have torn the metal an made it ridged. Which will keep tearing open the inside of your piercing an greatly increases your chance for infection. Please go back to your parlour an have them help you. Make sure you get something you think will be comfortable an accommodate swelling. (Usually I recommend cbrs for the healing process since they don't get caught on anything but that's what's giving you issues so I'm not sure what to recommend). If you sleep on that side that could also be part of your problem. If this is the case make a nest for your ear to hang in so nothing touches it.

    I usually wait until I can move it in every direction without discomfort before I try to change jewelry. Some piercings that seem harmless can turn serious really quick. Especially when cartilage is concerned. Its always a good idea to research the risks if something were to go wrong (I.e. infection or rejection). I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to inbox me for whatever reason
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